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School Uniform

Please visit where you can order, pay for and arrange delivery of your school uniform. For a full list of uniform for your child can be found below. Second hand uniform sales take place through out the school year and unbranded uniform do not need to be purchased from our school uniform supplier. Samples are held in school for sizing if necessary.


We discourage the wearing of jewellery in school except for an analogue watch worn by those children who have begun to be able to tell the time. Suffolk County policy is to allow only stud earrings to be worn as sleepers can easily be caught and pulled. For reasons of safety it is also Suffolk County policy that no jewellery of any kind is worn during any form of PE lesson. Children should not wear even stud earrings on a PE day unless they are able to remove them themselves. If a child is wearing earrings that he/she is unable to remove then he/she will not be allowed to join in the lesson. If your child is to have his/her ears pierced please do so at the beginning of the long Summer holiday to allow time for them to heal so that no lessons are missed.