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Aims, Values and Ethos

Our aim is for the children of Nayland Primary to be provided with excellent learning experiences which lead to consistently high levels of individual academic and social achievement so that they can develop into people with strong feelings of self-worth.

  • We challenge and extend each child with learning tailored to their abilities.
  • We balance learning content and skills to ensure the development of powerful learners
  • We teach a broad and balanced curriculum to a high standard with particular emphasis on literacy and numeracy.
  • We promote extra-curricula activities which enhance and enrich pupils development.
  • We believe parents have an active role in supporting what is learned in school and we encourage parental participation.
  • We provide an environment which promotes confidence, independence, responsibility and a positive attitude towards learning.

We can meet these aims by…

  • Setting challenging targets for the school as a whole and for individual children
  • Providing high quality learning opportunities
  • Planning for a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Ensuring that each child is learning at a level that matches and then extends their skills and knowledge
  • Encouraging all children to become confident speakers and listeners in a range of settings
  • Effectively using a range of resources
  • Giving every child equal access to the full curriculum
  • Providing opportunities for children to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities
  • Maintaining and strengthening our links with the wider community to prepare children to take a full and active role in life in modern Britain.
  • Regularly communicating with parents about their children’s learning and school events
  • Meeting with parents to discuss pupil progress and set new goals
  • Inviting and welcoming parents so that they can take part in their child’s school life
  • Giving guidance to parents on ways in which they can support their children’s learning
  • Creating a happy, safe and secure environment
  • Using a behaviour policy that focuses on the positive and seeks to nurture and reward
  • Continually working to improve all elements of the school following the Nayland School Improvement Plan